For Our Future...

Did you know that there are more than one million children in need of protection in our country?

Who are we?

'Mutlu Yuva' Association was established in 2010 in order to meet all kinds of material and spiritual needs of orphaned children and children in need of protection in a loving home. It conducts its activities within the framework of the co-operation protocol with the Ministry of Family and Social Services. As of 2023, it continues to serve around 700 children in 140 children's homes in 6 provinces, namely Istanbul, Bursa, Ankara, Yozgat, Şanlıurfa and Diyarbakır, which have independent administrations, and more than a thousand children have been reached so far. Our 'Mutlu Yuva' Associations in 6 provinces are gathered under the roof of 'Children and Youth Federation'. The President of our Federation is Prof. Dr. Muzaffer GÜLYURT,  who is also the President of Istanbul Mutlu Yuva Association.

In the children's homes 5-6 children live under the supervision of 3 care staff. The main aim is to remove them from the phenomenon of orphanages where crowded groups live and to enable them to live in homes with family warmth where they can be included in social life.

The rents, furnishings, renovation, repair works, and all logistic costs of our children's homes are covered by our association.

Three Education and Development Centres were opened for the benefit of children staying in children's homes. In these centres, we employ 20 teachers and educators working in 17 different fields in order to increase the academic success of our children, to develop their talents and skills, and to raise them as individuals with national and spiritual values. In addition, we employ psychologists, whose personal rights belong to our association, to provide therapies and psycho-social support to help children overcome and cope with the traumas they have experienced in their past days. The expenses of these studies, transport costs, personnel rights are covered by our association, and we do not receive any payment from the Ministry of Family and Social Services.

The entire financial source of these activities consists of zakat, fitrah and donations from benefactors, and the association has no commercial activities.

The mission of the association is to produce projects that support the participation of orphaned children in society as healthy individuals who add value, produce, have moral and religious values. It rehabilitates the problems of children living in the children's homes opened by the association due to deprivation, neglect, or abuse, and creates a suitable environment for the necessary professional studies for the healthy physical and mental development of children.

The vision of the association is to increase social awareness of orphaned children, to ensure the participation of families in activities for children at risk through voluntary projects, to make suggestions to the relevant units of the state institutions about field work and to be one of the leading organisations of our country in this field.

The work of the association, which started with contributing to orphans, orphans, and orphaned children in need of protection, aims to bring these children into society as healthy individuals and opens children's homes for their accommodation. Volunteers and benefactors have many responsibilities in order to bring orphaned children into life, which is increasing day by day. Failure to fulfil this responsibility will result in tens of thousands of children being deprived of their basic human rights and being recruited by criminal and terrorist organisations. These efforts will mean lives saved for a habitable world.

Board of Directors

Prof. Dr. Muzaffer GÜLYURT (General President)

Yusuf Ziya Korkmaz  

Abdülkadir YAZICI 


Abdullah Miraç GERÇİK

Cengiz ÜSTÜN

Ömer Yılmaz

Harun Altun

Halil Badem

Mehmet Ali Gökçe

Numan Memi

Our associations in other provinces

Bursa Mutlu Yuva Derneği Prof. Dr. Mehmet Emin Ay (President)

Ankara Mutlu Yuva Derneği Prof. Dr. Salih Battal (President)

Yozgat Mutlu Yuva Derneği  Yusuf Başer (President)

Şanlıurfa Mutlu Yuva Derneği Halil Özcan (President)

Diyarbakır Mutlu Yuva Derneği Prof. Dr. Hasan Tanrıverdi (President)


In the province


Children's House Opened, New ones continue to open


More than of our children are sheltered in our homes


More than Children were brought to life from our homes.