The project aims to provide role models, social integration, and socio-cultural development of children between the ages of 10 and 18 staying in children’s homes. Within the scope of the project, volunteers between the ages of 18 and 30, who are selected through an interview, participate in activities determined in accordance with the needs of the child one day a week as a volunteer of the child who is deemed suitable after the volunteer training and orientation programme. They can also support the academic needs of children. Any person who does not have a condition that would prevent him/her from being a volunteer can become a “Social Mentor" after completing the official process.


Being a citizen of the Republic of Turkiye

Having at least high school graduate

Being between 18 and 30 years old

Residing in the provinces where children’s homes are affiliated

The social mentor may not consist of parents.

Not being an employee of an association or organisation


  1. To carry out social activities with all children living in the children’s home with the knowledge and approval of the home supervisor at appropriate times
  2. Provision of tutoring to children by suitably qualified volunteers
  3. Assisting in the organisation of special occasions (birthdays, holidays, circumcision, report card day and similar celebrations) to ensure a joyful day with all the children of the home
  4. A volunteer can be a volunteer of one home or more than one home.
  5. The primary expectation from the volunteer is to exhibit behaviours that will be a role model in the lives of adolescents in accordance with the correct and social rules.
  6. Although the volunteer who is a social mentor is expected to provide regular support every week, s/he contacts the house supervisor about what s/he wants to do and carries out the interviews within the knowledge and permission of the home supervisor.