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'Mutlu Yuva' Association operates to meet all kinds of material and spiritual needs of orphaned children and children in need of protection in a loving home.

Children are our Future

So far, we have tried to provide a cheerful home and a warm embrace to a thousand children.

Together We Made It

We have tried to provide a warm family home for our children with hundreds of volunteers and benefactors.

We are in 6 provinces for now...

Our activities to establish happy homes, which we started in Istanbul, have extended to Ankara, Bursa, Yozgat, Diyarbakır and Şanlıurfa.

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Our Activities and Announcements

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Our Activities

Some of the activities we carry out under the umbrella of our Happy Home Association.

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Social Activities

Social Activities for Children: We organise camps, picnics and thematic trips that will contribute to children’s socialisation and socialisation outside the school home routine with social activities themed on science, history, nature, and art, where children will learn by having fun.    Social Activities for Volunteers: Volunteers mean everything to us. As Mutlu Yuva Association, […]

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Educational Activities

Two Life Centres were established in Istanbul with the Life Centres Project carried out within the scope of the Istanbul Development Agency Financial Support Programme for Supporting Entrepreneurship, Skills and Future of Children and Youth. In 2015, Akfırat Life Centre was also put into service with the contributions of Tuzla Municipality. In our education centres, […]

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Psychological Support

Mutlu Yuva Association employs psychologists and social workers who are experts in their fields. These professionals carry out therapeutic activities to help children erase the traces of the traumas they have experienced in the past and become individuals who are at peace with themselves and society and add value to life. The psychological, mental, and […]

Support Us

You can also hold the hand of one of our children as support.

Protector Family

With the Protector Family practices, it is aimed to show the child who is orphaned, in need of protection or who cannot be cared for by his/her own family for various reasons, the warm family environment, the role model of parents, the communication structure within the family, and to make him/her feel the existence of a family that loves, protects and trusts him/her. The Protector Family Project, which has a vital importance in the socialisation of our children, continues to work with the goal of “one family for each child".

Home Volunteer

Home volunteering is a volunteer work activity that can be carried out individually or as a family in order to contribute to the spiritual, physical, and social development of children living in children’s homes opened by Mutlu Yuva Association.

These activities can take place in the children’s home or in the volunteer’s home. For example, a home volunteer can take children to his/her home for breakfast, dinner, or a festive meal, take them to social events such as cinema and theatre, or organise picnics.

The project aims to provide role models, social integration, and socio-cultural development of children between the ages of 10 and 18 staying in children’s homes. Within the scope of the project, volunteers between the ages of 18 and 30, who are selected through an interview, participate in activities determined in accordance with the needs of the child one day a week as a volunteer of the child who is deemed suitable after the volunteer training and orientation programme. They can also support the academic needs of children.

As Mutlu Yuva Association, we realise all our activities with the support of you, our valuable benefactors. We need regular support to meet expenses such as rents, furnishings, and education of children in our children's homes. As our benefactor, you can support children in need of protection with your zakat and contributions.


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