Two Life Centres were established in Istanbul with the Life Centres Project carried out within the scope of the Istanbul Development Agency Financial Support Programme for Supporting Entrepreneurship, Skills and Future of Children and Youth. In 2015, Akfırat Life Centre was also put into service with the contributions of Tuzla Municipality.

In our education centres, we support the children in children’s homes to become qualified people who have gained the spiritual dynamics to withstand the storms of life, are academically successful, have ideals and goals compatible with the values of the society in which they live,   have discovered their talents and skills  . In our training centres, trainings are provided on many topics.

Study Titles Carried Out:

  • Values Education Workshop (National and Spiritual Values, Qur’an Studies)
  • Music Workshop (Choir, Folklore, and Instrument Studies)
  • Art Workshop (Marbling, Painting, Drama, Handcrafts)
  • Sports Workshop (Taekwondo, Gymnastics, Swimming, Football, Chess)
  • Writing Workshop
  • Pre-school Education Workshop and Studies

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