Home volunteering is a volunteer work activity that can be carried out individually or as a family in order to contribute to the spiritual, physical, and social development of children living in children’s homes opened by Mutlu Yuva Association.

These activities can take place in the children’s home or in the volunteer’s home. For example, a home volunteer can take children to his/her home for breakfast, dinner, or a festive meal, take them to social events such as cinema and theatre, or organise picnics.

Any person who does not have a condition that would prevent him/her from being a volunteer, who completes the official documents requested by the Ministry of Family and Social Policies and whose suitability is decided after an interview with the responsible persons in our association, can become a home volunteer.


Being a citizen of the Republic of Turkiye

At least primary school graduate

25 – 55 years old (can be under or over 5 years old)

Residing in the provinces and districts where children’s homes are affiliated

The home volunteer may not consist of parents.

It is not necessary for all family members to accept the children’s home that the home volunteer candidates will be responsible for.

If couples want to be home volunteers together, family members should not have severe illnesses (autism, cancer, etc.)

Not being an employee of an association or organisation


  1. The volunteer, within the knowledge and approval of the home supervisor, to carry out social activities with all children living in the children’s home at appropriate times.
  2. To ensure that suitably qualified volunteers are available to supplement the children’s lessons when necessary.
  3. Any child in the home can support the home staff in dealing with the sick child or other children who need to stay at home when there is hospitalization.
  4. Assisting in the organisation of special occasions (birthdays, holidays, circumcision, report card day and similar celebrations) to ensure that all children of the home have a joyful day.
  5. To be able to take care of the children at home in case of short-term problems (sudden illness, exams, etc.) that arise with the children working at home.
  6. A volunteer can be a volunteer of one home or more than one home.